• SpaceNet is a constellation of 198 ultra-High Throughput Satellites (ultra-HTS) in Low Earth Orbit, designed to provide Tier-1/Tier-2/Tier-3 Satellite Internet.
  • Each satellite uses Astrome’s innovative millimetre wave technology to offer upto 10 times more capacity than current solutions.
  • The constellation will provide internet services to consumers, telecom operators, maritime users, and other industries between the 40th Parallels.
  • SpaceNet will enable DTH Internet, 4G/5G backhaul in rural areas, and last mile extension of fibre based broadband.

SpaceWave SPW Token Sale

Platform: ERC20

Contract Address: 0x6e08427f6f472342d0ce286c875956be232d6af4

40% Public Sale
20% Private Sale
15% Team/Partners
3% Marketing
20% Astrome Reserve
2% Bounty and Reserve

Token Allocation (ICO Token Supply: 1,000,000,000)

  • Private Sale Start 3 July 2019
  • Public Sale Start 23 July 2019
  • Public Sale End 23 September 2019
  • Start Token Price €1.00
  • Soft Cap €10M
  • Hard Cap €600M
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Read our Documents

Here are our full documents that will help you to understand more about us and all that we have to offer.

White Paper
One Pager
Yellow Paper

Our Roadmap

  • Founded
  • Seed Funding
  • Incubation
  • Designed Core Architecture
  • Planned SpaceNet
  • Realized Hardware
  • Finalised SpaceNet Plans
  • Filed with ITU
  • Lab tests Completed
  • R&D for GigaMesh
  • SpaceNet Filings published by ITU
2019 Q2
  • Testing for GigaMesh
  • Working on SpaceNet-E
2019 Q4
  • GigaMesh Field Demonstration
  • Working on SpaceNet-E
2020 Q2
  • SpaceNet-E is Launched
  • Technology Development
2020 Q4
  • Technology Development
2021 Q2
  • Technology Development
  • Working on SpaceNet-22
2021 Q4
Phase 1
  • SpaceNet-22 is launched
  • Working on SpaceNet-99
  • Data Transfer Services Available
2022 Q2
Phase 2
  • SpaceNet-99 is launched
  • Working on SpaceNet-198
  • Internet Services on Land Available
2022 Q4
Phase 3
  • SpaceNet-198 is Launched
  • Full Services Available

The Founders

Dr Neha Satak
CEO & Co-founder

Dr Prasad HL Bhat
CTO, Chairman & Co-founder

Core Team

Dr Arvind Iyer
Director of Satellite Engineering, Astrome

Sreenivasa Rao
Principal Scientist, Astrome

Christopher Stott
CEO ManSat

Raghu Das
COO Helios Wire

Thibault Verbiest
Partner DS Avocats


Below we’ve provided some frequently asked questions about SpaceNet as well as our ICO. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We are pioneers in developing millimetre wave wireless technology for satellite communications. Our technology delivers 180Gbps aggregate throughput to LEO satellites which is 10 times more than current state-of-the-art technologies. The innovation is both in Hardware and Software.

We are disrupting the satellite internet market through our innovative and proven millimetre satellite communication technology which delivers 8TIMES more data throughput for the same infrastructure cost.

Yes, we have prototyped and proven our payload technology completely in lab environment. The core technology is also used in our telecom product, GigaMesh which is being tested currently and is months away from market deployment. We have also conducted studies demonstrating both business and technological feasibility of the entire constellation along with the payload technology, the results as well as details about the study could be found in our White paper (Business feasibility) and Yellow paper (Technical feasibility) respectively.

Astrome Space Technologies SARL located in France. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Indian company Astrome Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Astrome also has subsidiary companies in Isle of Man and Delware (US).

We started Astrome in India in May 2015. Our French subsidiary which is conducting this ICO was incorporated in December, 2018.

GigaMesh is an E-band radio which provides fibre-like capacity, wirelessly. It is the first product that Astrome is launching this year. It is built upon the same core wireless technology that powers our satellites. For more information about GigaMesh, visit GigaMesh website at

We have a demonstration payload (SpaceNet-E) planned to be launched before Q2, 2020. After this demonstration, the actual satellites will be launched starting from Q1, 2021. The initial 22 satellites will be launched by Q4, 2021 and partial services will begin from Q1, 2022. The remaining satellites will be launched in 2022. Full services will be available from 2023.

Our constellation of 198 satellites will cover all the countries between 38 degrees North to 38 degrees South. We also have a future constellation planned that will cover the whole world.

The blockchain is called SpaceWave and the token ticker is SPW.

This token can be used to purchase Astrome's internet services. Apart from this, the tokens can be used to do the following: - Trading on third party exchanges once the token are listed on them. - Selling on Astrome Marketplace once the Marketplace is launched - To become a delegate to earn more tokens after the mainnet is launched For more info refer to terms of sale document which will be made available when ICO begins.

Our token is based on Spacewave blockchain built initially on an ERC20 platform. However, it will migrate to our mainnet later.

Our token will have an initial fixed supply volume of 1 billion, which would remain stable till it is supported on an ERC20 platform. There would be a steady rise in volume from 1 billion to 2 billion over a period of 15 years (refer to our Whitepaper section 7.5 for the rate of evolution) and it would remain constant thereafter.

Our Private Sale (pre-sale) began on 3rd July 2019 and our Public Sale (crowd-sale) begins on 23rd July 2019 and closes on 23rd September 2019.

The token would be initially priced at €1. The price will increase every two weeks. Towards the end of the sale, the token price will be €1.15. For further details refer to our Whitepaper section 8.2.

Investors would be at an advantage if they buy the tokens in the first two weeks as the price of the token would increase from third week onwards. For example, price per token would increase to €1.05 after second week.

We would accept both fiat currencies (payment gateways for credit and debit cards /bank transfer) and crypto-currencies as a payment. We are accepting Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS), Binance Coin (BNB), Stellar (XLM), Tron (TRX). Please refer to the Whitepaper section 8.3 for the list of acceptable crypto-currencies/tokens.

The investor can proceed for the token purchase by creating an account on our website, submitting KYC documentation for verification and then by linking their wallet with their account. After KYC is approved and the wallet has been linked, investors can start investing.

Our ICO sale would solely be conducted from our ICO website. Our token will be listed on many exchange platforms, however, it will only be available for sale there after the ICO is closed.

The block rewards will begin after the token has moved to our mainnet platform.

About EUR10 Million will be utilized for R&D and the remaining funds for the development and launch of the SpaceNet infrastructure. Section 6.1 in our whitepaper has complete details about how the money will be spent.

We plan to implement a third party KYC for verifying all our investors.

We intend to list our tokens on exchanges after the conclusion of ICO. Investors can start trading the token thereafter. Investors can start using the token for our services once our services are launched. Astrome's partial internet services can be availed through SPW tokens from 2022. and full services from 2023.

Our team will get in touch with you in case additional documents are required or you need to resubmit some documents.

We want to raise a minimum of €10 million (Soft Cap). The maximum amount we intend to raise is capped at €600 million (Hard Cap).

The lower bound for investment during public sale has been set at €2000.

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

IMPORTANT: Please beware of impersonators and scammers. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be Astrome or a representative of Astrome, please ask for verification. Check our official handles below.